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Unsere professionellen Domain-Broker sind darauf spezialisiert, die ideale Domain für Ihre Marke zu erwerben, auch wenn diese gerade nicht verfügbar ist. Durch den Einsatz von Branchenexpertise und objektiven Verhandlungstaktiken wollen wir den niedrigstmöglichen Preis für Ihre Wunschdomain sichern und so Ihre Marke zum Erfolg führen.
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  • Protect your brand
  • Clear pricing & only 10% comission
  • Dedicated Domain Manager
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Frequently Asked Question's

How does it work?

Once you’re ready to get your Domain Broker Service by OTCdomain experts, complete your purchase & schedule a call with one of our Domain Broker. During this
call, we'll assist in developing a strategy and budget for acquiring your domain.

After the call, we will begin coordinating with the domain owner to negotiate the best price possible for you.

Upon reaching an agreement with the owner, you will pay the negotiated sale price plus a 10% commission. Subsequently, the domain will be securely transferred to you. OTCdomain oversees all stages of the transaction, providing assurance.

How long does it take to complete the negotiation via Domain Broker Service?

It takes us less than 1 working day in most cases to contact the Domain owner.

Once we are able to negotiate a price within your budget, You can expect to receive an email notification once a satisfactory price point has been established within your budget.

Does Domain Broker Service ensure acquisition of my desired domain?

We cannot ensure the acquisition of a domain name, but Domain Broker Service assures that a personal domain broker will dedicate up to 30 days to mediate a sale with the domain name’s current owner.

What is the fee for OTCdomain’s Domain Broker Service?

We charge an initial non-refundable fee per domain, plus 10% commission based on the price of the sale.

What if the broker cannot acquire the domain?

In the event of being unable to obtain the domain, the domain broker will close your claim after 30 days or if the domain owner declines to sell. The initial fee cannot be refunded or transferred.

Do you offer discounts for referrals?

Absolutely. If you refer a client to us then we can reduce your price by 10%.

Do you offer discounts for multiple Domain Broker Service?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for multiple Domain Broker Service.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept

  1. Credit/debit card, Apple pay, Google pay 💳
  2. Paypal
  3. Revolut Pay (UK Bank transfer / Faster Payments) 💷
  4. International Bank wire/transfer 🏦
  5. SEPA EU Bank transfer 💶
  6. Alipay / WeChat Pay
  7. Cryptocurrency:
  • CoinAstral  (25% discount)
  • Bitcoin & Ethereum  (15% discount)
  • USDT & USDC (10% discount)

Why is ID verification required?

In certain cases, we require ID verifcation if you are paying us using Credit card / Paypal / Bank wire.

This process helps us provide a safe and secure platform for our customers to transact with us and ensure all transactions are genuine.

Consult with an OTCdomain expert to learn more and get your questions answered.